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Order and item deduction troubleshooting
Order and item deduction troubleshooting
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Deduction in SKULabs is highly configurable and can vary depending on the type of deduction strategy you follow, as well as other settings:

  • User profile "default warehouse" and "warehouse filters" settings which control the warehouses each user can pick from and which one is preferred.

  • Shipping rules which override an order's deduction location.

  • Assigned Shopify location (Shopify has order routing which SKULabs can detect)

  • Linked warehouse settings - in particular, linking one Shopify location to multiple SKULabs warehouses can occasionally be tricky to get just right.

How do I report an issue with deduction?

Please feel free to reach us by chat, email, or phone call if you notice items or orders not deducting as expected. We investigate each of these incidents completely.
When reporting deduction related issues, it's important to provide all of the following to help us fully investigate:

  1. What is the email of the user who encountered the issue?

  2. What is the order number and store name?

  3. How did you deduct the order? for example,

    1. Opened order then clicked ship

    2. Opened order, then scan verified the inventory.

    3. Opened the order then clicked "Verify".

    4. Used Auto-Deduct after shipping on another platform

    5. This was a POS order that was auto-deducted.

    6. I only opened the order and saw the location dropdown was not selecting what I think it should.

How can I check that orders and items are deducted correctly?

All changes to stock levels are recorded within SKULabs inventory change logs and can be seen in a number of ways:

Single item details

  1. Go to your inventory tab

  2. Find an item in the list and click it's name to open its details

  3. Scroll down to the Log panel and look for an entry with a note for that order number.

Changelog (history)

  1. Go to your advanced inventory tab

  2. Click menu, then "Changelog"

  3. You can filter, search, and set date ranges to find stock changes

This can also be exported from your imports/exports page.

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