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How to configure POS (Point-of-Sale) auto-deduction for multi-location operations
How to configure POS (Point-of-Sale) auto-deduction for multi-location operations
Updated over a week ago

SKULabs automatically detects fulfilled POS orders when you connect your Shopify or Square store and deducts inventory for them automatically.

By default, POS orders are deducted from the warehouse that store or location is linked to. Just link each POS location to it's own warehouse and automatic deduction works out of the box.

Additionally, if your location names match warehouse names in SKULabs, deductions will be routed to that warehouse.

Automatic POS deduction for stores or locations linked to multiple warehouses

When a store or location is linked to multiple warehouses, automatic deduction can occur from any of the linked warehouses. To more closely control which warehouse a POS order is automatically deducted from, you will need to configure shipping rules.

  1. In SKULabs, go to settings > shipping > rules

  2. Click Add rule

  3. Click Add filter and select the criteria to distinguish POS orders that require auto-deduction. In many cases, order notes or tags are used as filter criteria.

  4. Click Add action and select the action "Assign automatic deduction location", then choose the desired deduction warehouse in the parameters:

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