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How to set up a Pop Up Shop or POS for your stores and events
How to set up a Pop Up Shop or POS for your stores and events
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Setting up a full time point of sale or a temporary pop-up location for events or expos? SKULabs offers easy configuration to handle all your needs.

First, follow your sales channel's guidelines on connecting your POS system. SKULabs innately supports both Shopify POS and Square POS and will automatically detect fulfilled orders and remove the inventory for these orders automatically:

Next, create separate warehouses for each of your pop-up locations to track inventory and route deductions. After the new warehouses are created, link them to the desired locations and add or transfer inventory to them.

Tip: If you want the ability to sell and advertise the stock located at your pop-up locations on your E-commerce stores, simply link those new warehouses to the desired store locations.

Finally, run a listing sync for your store.

Reach out to support in chat if you need any assistance!

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