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How is inventory for POS (Point-of-Sale) orders processed?
How is inventory for POS (Point-of-Sale) orders processed?
Updated over a week ago

SKULabs automatically detects fulfilled POS orders when you connect your Shopify or Square store by default and removes the inventory for these orders automatically.

If you make adjustments to your settings, such as disabling the recommended "Shipped and Cancelled" order import, or manually deselecting the import of shipped orders, you may interfere with our ability to automatically deduct your POS orders.

POS orders are automatically deducted on all plans, so if you need assistance re-enabling POS order auto-deduction, just let our team know in chat.

If you would like to route your POS orders to the correct warehouse in SKULabs, make sure you correctly configure your warehouse links for each store.

If you are using Shopify POS, make sure to adjust your order fulfillment preferences so your POS orders are being marked as "fulfilled" in Shopify POS if you want them to be deducted and not just logged as unfulfilled orders in SKULabs:

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