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What does Master of Inventory mean?
What does Master of Inventory mean?

How are my orders reserved and deducted from inventory?

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Using SKULabs as a Master of Inventory with Stock Sync

When used as a Master of Inventory, SKULabs becomes the source of truth for inventory stock levels across sales channels. From there on, each time a product's available stock level changes, SKULabs will adjust and overwrite stock levels across your sales channels stores.

Once enabled, all inventory changes must be made within SKULabs itself. To ensure the best results, it is recommended to regularly sync in new products and closely monitor inventory levels within SKULabs after any new listings sync imports.

How are items reserved for orders?

When orders are synced with SKULabs, the stock needed to fulfill those orders is automatically reserved from on hand counts in your warehouses. This prevents overselling and ensures you have enough inventory to ship your orders.

Reserved quantities are released once an order is either fulfilled and marked as shipped or the order no longer looks fulfillable on your channel and becomes archived.

How is stock deducted from my inventory in SKULabs?

While fulfilling orders, deducting stock is a requirement to ensure accurate inventory levels, enable stock sync, and prevent overselling. The default method of deducting orders is to simply create a shipment on the order within SKULabs, but you can easily deduct orders in a number of different ways:

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