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How to find which orders are reserving an item's stock
How to find which orders are reserving an item's stock

Using the Past Orders section to view item's with reserved stock quantity

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When orders are synced with SKULabs, the stock needed to fulfill those orders is automatically reserved from on hand counts in your warehouses. This prevents overselling and ensures you have enough inventory to ship your orders. Reserved quantities are released once an order is either fulfilled and marked as shipped or the order no longer looks fulfillable on your channel and becomes archived.

The reserve quantity for an item can be seen in the Reserved row, under the Stock panel in an item's details page.

Further down the item details page, the Past Orders panel allows you to quickly see specifically which orders are reserving stock from this item and how much.

  • Orders currently reserving stock have a green check-mark.

  • Orders currently NOT reserving stock have an X icon.

You can change how many orders are displayed with the "Show __ entries" option on the top left:

You can also sort this table using a range of dates and further sort by orders currently reserving stock by clicking on the "Reserved" column header on the far right until the arrow beside it is pointing downwards.

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