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How to use a Square POS system with SKULabs
How to use a Square POS system with SKULabs
Updated over a week ago

Integrating your Square POS store with SKULabs is completed in a few easy steps:

1. Connect the Square POS store to SKULabs

Visit Settings > Stores > Add Store > Select "Square"

2. Setup store settings

Visit your store settings and choose your Square store. Scroll down to Access credentials & integration settings and make sure the correct location is selected.

3. Run a listing sync

From the dashboard, click the refresh icon under the listing sync section for your store.

The first time a listing sync is run:

  • A warehouse with the name of the location in Square POS is created

  • Stock levels from Square POS will be synced to the new warehouse

4. Confirm or update inventory in the new POS warehouse

If your initial stock levels need to be adjusted, you can perform manual updates to item, cycle counts, transfer orders, or CSV imports.

5. Test POS orders to confirm deduction

Create a test POS order and confirm it imports into SKULabs and deducts from the correct location.

Once you are finished connecting and have confirmed the store is configured, you can enable SKULabs to sync stock to your store:

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