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How to set up Auto-Deduct rules
How to set up Auto-Deduct rules

Automatically deducting orders shipped outside of SKULabs

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The auto-deduct system detects when orders are shipped outside of SKULabs and automatically changes their status and includes a deduction within SKULabs for you.

Each SKULabs account includes a default shipping rule for auto-deduct that can be customized and enabled.

Setup Auto-Deduct shipping rule

  1. Find the "Auto Deduct Shipped Orders" rule and click the pencil icon to edit

  2. Enable the "active" slider to activate the rule

  3. Set the channel status value to the sales channel fulfilled status name.
    (e.g. Shopify/BigCommerce: shipped, WooCommerce: completed)

  4. Edit the shipped date criteria and specify date you want auto-deduct to apply to orders. Dates must be configured in ISO8601 format, for example 2023-05-26T16:14:07-04:00. You can use DenCode to format the date properly.

  5. Feel free to add any other criteria then click save

If you need any assistance, please reach out to support through the in-app chat.

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