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Disconnected order
Disconnected order
Updated over a week ago

What is a "disconnected" order?

When you edit or combine orders within SKULabs, they becomes "disconnected" from receiving any further inbound changes made directly on your sales channel. This is required to prevent the manual adjustments you make within SKULabs from being overwritten by your channel.

NOTE: When you opt to disconnect an order, you must manually reflect any changes you make on your channel to the order within SKULabs thereafter.

Does SKULabs hold reserves on "disconnected" orders?

Yes, disconnected orders still continue to hold reserves.

Does SKULabs still mark as shipped "disconnected" orders?

Yes. SKULabs will mark as shipped any order even if it is disconnected from inbound updates due to order edits like address changes.

How do I "reconnect" an order?

Once an order is edited or combined, it cannot be reconnected unless it is deleted and reimported.

NOTE: Deleting orders is NOT recommended in general unless it is absolutely necessary. Deleting orders is permanent and any previous progress on the order is lost, including past shipments, and introduces room the possibility of double deductions.

To delete an order:

  • The order's channel status must be available for your store's order sync (for example "paid, unfulfilled") and must be available on the processing orders tab.

  • If the order is combined, you must separate the orders using the menu option:

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