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Avoid shipping fraudulent orders based on Shopify's Risk Assessment
Avoid shipping fraudulent orders based on Shopify's Risk Assessment

Shopify provides order risk assessment which can be used to filter orders based on their risk of fraud.

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Update 2022:
Shopify recommends the use of Shopify flow to avoid capturing high-fraud risk orders to avoid credit card fees on refunds. You can also automatically tag orders using Shopify flow and SKULabs will import these tags onto your order in SKULabs. Using a tag such as "Hold - Fraud" will help you avoid shipping these orders - even by mistake, see a full list of recommended tag names that will alert your pickers and shippers.
The Shopify fraud filter app recommended below is now typically only used to permanently block certain buyers.

2020 recommendations

Shopify recommends the use of the Shopify App by Shopify called Fraud Filter.

With the Fraud Filter app by Shopify, you can withhold orders from payment and control aspects of potentially fraudulent orders all within the Shopify interface.

Install Fraud Filter from the Shopify app store to get started. After you're done, open SKULabs, click Settings, select your store, then click access credentials and integration settings to access your store's settings in SKULabs. Check option "Faster order sync, skip order risks import" then save your SKULabs store settings.

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