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How do I approve orders to ship?
How do I approve orders to ship?

How can I specify which orders ship each day?

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SKULabs offers various methods to efficiently manage which orders are ready for shipping and which should be held back or hidden until further review, adjustment, or approval.

These can help whether you delay a set amount of time before shipping, you are using upsell features to add items to orders, or if customers often change their orders.

1. Tag-based management

Order tags can help prioritize or deprioritize orders according to your fulfillment schedule or other factors. These can be applied automatically or manually depending on your needs.

Shipping rules in SKULabs can automatically tag orders based on specific criteria including the time an order was placed, a ship by date, or deliver by date. Using these rules to apply tags like "Ready to Ship" or "Do Not Ship" can directly help filter orders from view or prevent certain orders from appearing in batches.

For example, rules can be set to tag orders as "Shipping in 3 Days" based on their ship-by date relative to the current date, or apply a "Do Not Ship" tag to orders placed after a certain cutoff time.

Tip: Go the extra mile and set up tags which automatically warn users attempting to ship before approval.

Alternatively, in cases where automatic rules may not apply, manually tagging orders allows for flexible handling of orders that require special attention or fall outside standard criteria. This method ensures that each order is reviewed and approved individually, minimizing the risk of errors.

2. Choose which orders are displayed for users

In combination with shipping rules and tags, order filters and filter presets can be assigned for all users and determine which orders are displayed on the processing tab. You can choose to display only those orders tagged for approval, or hide orders until they are approved to ensure they do not accidentally get fulfilled.

3. Using batch order fulfillment

The batch processing system included on premium plans automatically selects orders for fulfillment based on your predefined criteria and business logic. Batches can automatically exclude orders that are not ready or approved for shipping, making the fulfillment process more efficient.

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Reach out to support in chat or email [email protected] for more information on how we can assist with your order approval process. We'll be happy to help review your process or assist with recommendations.

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