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How to set filters and manage filter presets
How to set filters and manage filter presets

How do I set and reset filters?

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Filters help each person on your team to quickly focus and prioritize the most relevant data for their task. Each user has their own filter settings which can be configured themselves or by an account administrator.

How to manage filters

Depending on which list you're viewing, filters can be based on things like store, status, tag, type, carrier, etc. Just click the filters button at the top of the page and select the information you want to filter by, then click apply.

Saving and loading filter presets

You can save and load any combination of filters as a preset for easy reference later using the save and load presets buttons at the bottom of the filters dropdown. This is especially useful for orders.

Once filters have been decided, presets will allow you to quickly switch between even the most complex multi-criteria data sets.

Advanced filters

In most cases, filters are used to focus in on small groups of data, but sometimes you may want to simply exclude things when specific criteria are met, (e.g orders tagged a specific way). This is easily done with advanced filters. Learn how how to filter out orders with specific tags from the order list using advanced filters.

Resetting filters and viewing all information

If you believe your filters are unintentionally hiding desired orders or items from view, check for a message at the bottom-left corner of your list. A message will display when showing filtered results:

To view all available data at once, simply use the reset filters button at the bottom of your filters dropdown window:

"Limited result set, restrict filters to view all."

If you are seeing a message for "Limited result set, restrict filters to view all", learn more about limited result sets and what they mean.

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