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Limited result set, restrict filters to view all
Limited result set, restrict filters to view all
Updated over a week ago

Sometimes while filtering and searching certain tables you're going to run into limits on the number of elements that can be displayed at once. When this happens, we will notify you at the bottom of the result set: "limited result set, restrict filters to view all".

There is no preference as to which orders are visible or not when this occurs. If you need to view more than 5000 orders at once, you can use an orders export to work with the data in another software or reach out to support to state your case - we can work with you to find the information you're looking for or help you better make use of tags/filters to restrict the results to those you're looking for.

Remember, you can use the top of the page search to find orders by number, tracking number, serial number, batch number, or customer name.

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