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Serial management in SKULabs
Serial management in SKULabs
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SKULabs standard serial management feature allows you to manage all of your IMEI, serial number, or batch/lot numbers for your products in a simple but effective way.


Track serial numbers while receiving or bulk import serial numbers for existing inventory. You also have the option to copy/paste a column from a spreadsheet straight into the app itself to add serials in bulk with ease.

​Order attribution with secure single-use-only verification

During order verification, scan or manually attribute these serial numbers onto orders while fulfilling. Once a serial number is associated with an order, it won't be able to be used on another item on the same order or on any other order unless the serial is explicitly received into inventory again. Optionally track serials instead as reusable batch/lot numbers allowing repeated use for recall support.
​Instant reverse lookup and verification for customer service / returns management

You can easily scan a serial number and find it's associated order using the search bar atop every page. You can also easily verify the serial numbers on an order by pulling up the order by order number, customer name, or other order details.


Quickly export serial numbers in bulk for third-party reporting requirements. Answer "What serials shipped out today?" very easily. Rely on reports such as the unscanned serials report to identify when serialized products leave the warehouse without a serial number scan to prevent mistakes or completely prevent items from being verified on orders until a serial number is entered or scanned.

Recall support

Quickly satisfy recalls without excess waste by cross-referencing reports vs recalled batches or serials rather than resorting to broad stroke recalls for entire weeks or months it was possible you could have shipped a recalled unit.

Advanced serial management

For those seeking to track where a specific unit can be found within their warehouse or seeking to track additional parameters on the quality or test status of their serial you can use our advanced serial management addon which allows for inventory management of unique units of inventory beyond the reporting and tools described above.

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