SKULabs provides numerous helpful tools, basic insights, and contextual reports all throughout the platform that can offer more depth and control when managing and making decisions about your inventory.

  • A, B, and C Mover

  • # of days sold

  • Last sold

  • Inventory history

  • Kit summary

  • Inventory summary

  • Cycle count

  • Order inventory summary

  • Order listings summary

  • Order metadata summary

  • Order notes summary

  • Order Inventory overview

  • Skipped scans report

  • Un-scanned items report

  • Scanned serial numbers report

  • Shipping audit report

  • Purchase order backorder report

  • These are in addition to numerous reports available for export from the Import/Export page.

The Inventory Page

The Inventory items table can be filtered, sorted, and enabled to show data and insight for your catalog with columns of information about your items including:

  • Sold

  • Last Sold

  • Last Counted

  • Incoming stock

  • Future Stock

  • Mover Reports: The mover rating is a ranking of each item in your inventory based on recent sales volume. "A" movers are your top 20% of items sold recently, while "B" items are your next 60%, and "C" items are your bottom 20%.

Items Tab Menu:

  • Item History

Kits Tab Menu

  • Kits Summary

Inventory Receiving Page > Menu

  • Search Purchase Orders History

  • Receiving History Report

Orders Page > Menu

  • Order inventory summary report

  • Order listings summary report

  • Order metadata report

  • Order note report

Shipped Orders Page > Menu

  • Skipped scans report

  • Un-scanned items report

  • Scanned serial numbers report

Shipments Audits Page

Purchasing Page > Menu

  • Purchase order backorder report

Automation Reports:

  • Low Stock

  • Warehouses

  • Shipments Export

  • Performance- You can also view the picking/scanning accuracy of a user using automated email reports. This report is offered for Basic plan accounts as an automation rule export periodically emailed to you. The Pro plan offers this report in-app as part of advanced Insights reports.

If you are looking for even more insights or reports, SKULabs also offers additional insights and reporting available on our Pro Plan.

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