Insights in SKULabs provides you a dedicated tab for getting insights such as "goods on hand", "potential sales", profit and COGS. In addition, it provides access to advanced functionality on your inventory list to help you make better decisions about your ordering and current inventory status using information like inventory age and expected stock out timelines.

Inventory Page

These functions take your filtered list of stores according to the "# days sold" and generates expected stockout timelines and "last sold" dates based on that selected timeframe of order volume.

Note: This tool offers a quick view at expectations not taking into account seasonality. The velocity used in these formulas is based on the date of the first sale to the current date but this may over-estimate sales velocity for slowly selling products. At this time, this tool does not take into account only the time periods where the product was in stock while calculating velocity so in that regard sales velocity may be under-estimated.

Any rows with "now" mean you're already out of stock. Any rows with "never" mean we see no sales history for the # of days and stores selected in your filters.

Insights Page

The insights page is where you can run advanced reports covering all of your sales, products, shipping, picking performance, and fulfillment efficiency. Visit the insights page for more details.

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