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Resolved - Search performance - April 29th 2020
Resolved - Search performance - April 29th 2020
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May 1st
We've seen good improvements across the board for search but we're looking to ensure all queries are able to be served within a second. This is going to take a bit more work but in the mean time we're offering the ability to restrict what criteria you search.

If you're only scanning serial numbers, you can restrict your search to just serial numbers and greatly improve search performance. If you're in a workflow just scanning order numbers, you can filter to that for near instantaneous results.

Keep an eye out for your instance to receive the "search settings" functionality which is a stop-gap for a fully-fledged search indexing service coming soon.

April 30th

The live search service is still not able to respond quickly with the massive increase in open order counts all across SKULabs.

Please contact SKULabs support if you continue to experience slowdowns, delays, or any other impacts to search so your account may be looked at more closely.

We're continuing to work on major improvements to search in order to offer real-time search results faster than ever before.

April 29th

11:50PM EST: Major capacity increases finalized.
2:30PM EST: Our Engineering team has issued mitigations until downtime can be scheduled.
1:36PM EST: Our Engineering team has identified the issue and are working on implementing a solution
10:30AM EST: We received initial report on global search taking longer or timing out
12:00PM EST: We received reports on slowdown of loading tables and searching

How can I confirm if I'm affected?
You will know that you are affected if you're experiencing longer than usual response times using the global search or Orders and Inventory tables aren't loading.

What should I do?
If you're scanning order numbers or packing slips, ensure you're on the orders page where these scans will hit indexed queries using the "scan order number" feature atop the page. If you're scanning items, try the inventory tab rather than the global search. We're working diligently to address the intermittent delays in global search.

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