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Can I purchase labels through eBay from SKULabs?
Can I purchase labels through eBay from SKULabs?

eBay international standard delivery, eBay Global Shipping Program

Updated over a week ago

eBay does not at this time have an API that supports retrieving shipping labels through third-party software like SKULabs.

You can usually get discount UPS and discount FedEx through programs available from our shipping API partners who directly connect to SKULabs. If this is an international order you're shipping through eBay's global shipping program or you have other motivations to generate a label direct from eBay, you will need to go to eBay to print the labels.

Our recommendation whenever you will be creating shipping labels outside of SKULabs is to set up an auto-deduct rule to automatically detect shipments made in eBay and deduct those orders for you without having to create manual shipments.

Alternatively, you can process the order normally and use the "Manual Shipment" method to define a tracking number in SKULabs that you were provided by eBay.

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