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Resolved - October 29th 2019 - Shopify Outage
Resolved - October 29th 2019 - Shopify Outage
Updated over a week ago

Update from Shopify
- This incident has been resolved.
Oct 29, 12:33 EDT

Update from Shopify
โ€‹Identified - The issue has been identified and a fix is being implemented. Oct 29, 12:20 EDT

Update from Shopify
โ€‹Investigating - Some stores are currently inaccessible. We are investigating and will keep you updated. Oct 29, 12:09 EDT

Outage Description

SKULabs has detected a majority of Shopify stores are not syncing on-time. Shopify has posted an outage notice on their website.

What should I do?

SKULabs is designed to automatically scale back sync for your store when there are detected outages. SKULabs will automatically resume sync as soon as recovery is detected. There is no action required on your part to pause or resume your sync.

Will I oversell?

If you have a large number of sales on other channels that track the same warehouse as your Shopify store there is a chance you can oversell during this outage. It is recommended to keep a reserve of inventory that can hold you over for up to 24 hours of sales if you want to completely avoid the risk of overselling. Amazon for instance will not even open a ticket for you with regard to inventory feeds taking less than 24 hours to process. Such 24 hour inventory feed outages are common during peak season (November-January). Speak with SKULabs support to build your inventory reservation strategy using rules and reserve warehouses to prevent overselling.

Should I contact SKULabs support?

If there are any questions please reach out through the in-app conversation system as we will not have additional details by phone.

Should I contact Shopify support?

Contacting Shopify support while a posted outage is live is not recommended until Shopify recommends you to contact them directly if you're still having issues.

Check the status page on Shopify's website for updates on when you should reach out to Shopify if you're still having connectivity issues.

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