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How can I see all of my Processing orders?
How can I see all of my Processing orders?

Why filters hide orders from view, and how to fix it.

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By default, the processing orders page shows any order which has been placed and paid for but is not yet shipped. The processing orders list also features filters and an adjustable date range based on when orders were placed to help narrow down which orders you want to work on.

These features can be used to focus on certain sets of orders, but can also hide orders that you want to see and work with later. Here are a couple of ways to identify what is hiding your orders and how to resolve the issue:

Orders not displayed due to filters

When the page is showing filtered results and causing some of your processing orders to be hidden from view, a message will display at the bottom-left of the list, "filtered from x total entries":

To view all available data at once, simply click the reset filters button at the bottom of your filters dropdown window to set your table filters back to the default settings, which will make almost any fulfillable order visible again.:

Why filters hid a specific order:

Reasons why a processing order does not appear in a user's processing orders list can vary. Here is a quick list of questions to ask when comparing between the order's details and the user's configured filters:

  • Are all of the order's line items in stock and unshipped?

  • Is the order's shipping address validated as residential, commercial, or international?

  • Was the order placed on a store that is not enabled in the filters?

  • Does the order lack any tags that are enabled in the filters?

  • Is the order's status not enabled in the filters?

Once you are confident that you've determined why an order was excluded, you can make adjustments to the user's filters and/or date range selection as needed.

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