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How to identify and tag backorders in SKULabs
How to identify and tag backorders in SKULabs

How to filter backordered items and orders

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Backorder Management

SKULabs features order filters, sortable columns, tags, and rules to help easily identify backorders for products that have gone out of stock.

Assign and filter by order status

Statuses can be used to indicate an order's fulfillment progress and can be filtered to help streamline your team's process.

Filter orders by fulfillable status

Click the filters button and see the top two checkboxes:

  • Show unfulfillable orders

  • Show partially fulfillable orders

Completely fulfillable orders

To only show orders which are completely fulfillable based on your warehouse's stock levels, uncheck both filter options and click apply.

Partially fulfillable orders

To only show partially fulfillable and fulfillable orders, check the filter option for "Show partially fulfillable orders", and leave "Show unfulfillable orders" unchecked, then click apply.


Sorting orders by fulfillable status

Apart from filters, you can also further sort orders by their fulfillable status, which allows you to easily work on each group.

First, click the Columns button and make sure the Fulfillable option is enabled. After that, just click on the Fulfillable column header to sort the table.

Using Tags

Tag backorders and make use of your order filters to quickly show only the orders waiting on inventory or even filter out backorders with specific tags from the order list.

Tags can helpful in communicating to your team that certain orders are not yet ready for fulfillment.

If you have specific policies or items which are always backordered, consider using our shipping rules to tag orders automatically.

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