Backorder Management

Configuring your account to automatically suggest re-order quantities

The very first step of creating a purchase order for backordered stock is to configure your accounts reorder rule.

Creating a backorder purchase order

Once you have configured reorder rule, you are ready to create a purchase order for backordered stock by following these steps:

1. Navigate to Purchasing page

2. Click on New PO

3. Enter PO #, select store, supplier and warehouse on the Create purchase order screen.

4. Click on Add item

5. Under filters, make sure the Automatically suggest re-order quantity option is enabled

6. Sort the Add item table by Free count ascending (lower numbers at the top)

7. Change the # of entries displayed on the table ("Show x entries") as needed to include all items that have negative free quantity

8. Notice that the Qty fields are automatically populated

9. Enter Rate (cost of item charged by supplier) for item rows missing rate.

10. Click Save to add the backordered items to the PO.

11. Once you're done adding items, click Save on the Create purchase order screen to create PO.

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