Creating purchase orders in SKULabs quite simple, here's how:

1. Navigate to the Purchasing page.

2. Click on + New PO

3. Enter PO #, select a store, supplier, and warehouse.

4. Click on Add item.

5. Set filter options on the Add item screen to enable Automatically suggest re-order quantity. This option automatically fills in the quantity field when creating POs with the calculated quantities based on your account's reorder rule.

If you haven't yet configured the reorder rule under your Purchase order settings, here how:

6. Change the # of entries displayed on the table ("Show x entries") to view more items at once.

8. Enter the Rate (cost per item as charged by your supplier) for any supplier item rows with missing rates.

9. Click Save on the Add item screen to add the items to the PO.

10. Once you're done adding items, click Save on the Create purchase order screen to create PO.

Single Supplier Mode

When creating POs, you can select which specific supplier to order from before adding items.

When creating a purchase order using Single Supplier Mode, the following take effect:

  • The chosen supplier is selected as a filter under the Add-items table filters.

  • The Add-Items table is automatically filtered to show only the items linked to the selected suppliers catalog.

To add items not linked to the chosen supplier, simply apply the following to the Add-Items table filter:

  • Click Reset Filters near the bottom of the filters dropdown.

  • Unselect the supplier and click on Apply filters.

You can also start the reordering process in Multi Supplier Mode, add some items to the PO, then select a specific supplier after adding items to the PO.

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