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How can I start using the Batch feature?
How can I start using the Batch feature?
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Batches are one method of bulk processing orders in SKULabs which makes use of a dedicated interface to automate grouping, improve picking efficiency, and eliminate costly manual coordination between teams at your company.

Alternatives for basic accounts

Many users may not need the Batch system to batch fulfill their orders. Batch picking is an opt-in feature available with "Pro" plans and higher. Please see our article regarding these alternative solutions to the dedicated batch interface.

Configure batch settings

Your first step is to reach out to our team to determine the best configuration for your ideal workflow. Alternatively, use our default settings by clicking "Settings" on the batches page then saving your first batch type for use in the batch system.

To start, we recommend using a bin size of 3 orders/bins to test the batch feature. Slowly scale up to large batch sizes, most companies fulfill 10-20 orders per batch but you have the option of 250+

Print bin barcode labels

Next, print bin barcode labels from Printing page > Bins tab and attach them to your picking bins.

Each bin will correspond to an order within the batch, and the number of bins is determined by how many orders you choose to pick per batch. If you’re fulfilling 4 orders at a time, or 4 bins, you will need 4 barcodes. Bin barcodes are scanned during the fulfillment process to ensure the correct item is placed in the correct bin.

Connect barcode scanner

To begin picking orders, connect your barcode scanner to your picking device (whether it's your desktop, tablet, or smartphone) and open a batch from the batches list to start picking (or simply selecting Start Batch).

Start batch

You can start batches from three places in SKULabs:

  1. From the Batch page, click Start New Batch at the top-right corner of the page

  2. From the orders list, select a series of orders > click Actions > Start batch

  3. From the orders list, Click Menu > "Scan packing slips" to scan a series of packing slips to create a new batch.

Processing Batches

Unlike the default order picking interface, the batch order interface guides pickers through the picking process, reducing cognitive load and improving order accuracy and picking efficiency. Once you have created a batch, start processing it by simply following the steps and prompts.

The page will highlight one barcode at a time, indicating which barcode is currently in progress to be cleared.

1. Scan the item barcode once per item until you have scanned enough of that item to clear it, then scan the bin barcode for the order it is associated with and place the item in your bin.

Tip: The batch picking guide will bounce you between orders for the same item, so be sure to watch which bin you place items in.

Continue this process until the end of the batch.

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