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Batch processing orders without the dedicated "Batch interface"
Batch processing orders without the dedicated "Batch interface"
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SKULabs "Batch" feature is a dedicated interface which can automate many manual processes you may be performing today saving you time and money by automatically grouping, improving picking efficiency, and ensuring order accuracy.
While we strongly recommend it for some operations, it's not the perfect fit for everyone because some aspects of the process are rigid and incompatible with all fulfillment operations.
There are a wide variety of fulfillment processes in SKULabs that work well for both large (>300/day) and small (<50 orders/day) sellers alike. Reach out to our support team for a free consultation meeting to help design, adapt, or create for the first time a process that works for you.

Simple order grouping for batch-like fulfillment on Basic plans

  1. Sort the Orders list by the "# items" or "Locations" columns.

  2. Set your filters to only show "Not started" orders.

  3. Set an advanced filter to exclude order with the tag "Printed" to avoid double-printing.

  4. Select 5-20 orders.

  5. Print a pick list for the full stack of orders. Optionally print multiple paper pick lists then split the pick list at a SKU.

  6. Print packing slips, now these orders are automatically marked "Printed" and can't be accidentally printed twice back to back.

  7. Pick your items using the paper pick list. Do one pass through the warehouse to pull all of your items. Bring the items back to a packing table. Do not concern yourself with accuracy at this stage. If accuracy creates inefficiencies we have alternative processes for that as well.

  8. All items should be on the picking table along with a stack or multiple stacks of packing slips.

  9. Scan a packing slip, look for the items in front of you, and scan the items to verify you have the right item, put it in a box.

  10. When you're done picking that order it will prompt you to ship or scan another packing slip. You can choose to divide the job of packing orders and printing labels between separate people at this stage.

  11. Optionally, you can have someone re-verify the order a second time prior to packing by scanning the packing slip again or clicking re-verify.

SKULabs Batch Feature

For SKULabs formal solution to automate this process automatically selecting the correct unstarted, having available inventory, and approved orders to ship even prioritizing express orders over standard orders speak to our sales team about upgrading to a Pro plan. If you're already on the Pro plan, speak with an implementation specialist about setting up the included Batch system on your account.

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