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How to import ship by dates from Shopify
How to import ship by dates from Shopify
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SKULabs supports importing order ship by dates from sales channels who naturally support them, such as Amazon. However, some sales channels, such as Shopify, do not have these dates built in by default.

There are a few ways around this:

Shipping rules

Shipping rules can tag orders based on the date an order was placed to help you determine which orders are closer to your teams standard fulfillment window.

Determine how long your team takes to ship orders after they are placed and whether that duration is consistent across all orders. Next, set up a shipping rule with "Order date" as a criteria and "Set order tag" as an action.

Enable Shopify to import ship by dates

Use Shopify Scripts to add note attributes to orders

We've seen a number of customers who were able to achieve adding custom note attributes to Shopify orders and rely on it for their daily operations. Shopify Scripts are included for Shopify Plus sellers and recommended because it may allow you to avoid additional cost and using another app.

We recommend contacting Shopify Plus support for the best resource on how to use Shopify Scripts to add customized note attributes to orders.

Shopify order note attributes named "Ship Date", "Delivery Date", and "Pickup Date" can be imported into SKULabs. The values should be a UTC date formatted in extended ISO8601.

For example:
"note_attributes": [
"name": "Ship Date",
"value": "2022-11-24T16:00:00Z"

Note: When an order Delivery Date is provided but Ship Date is not provided from Shopify, SKULabs by default sets the "Ship Date" to 2 days prior to the Delivery Date allowing 2 days of transit time.

Search the app store

If this cannot be done using Shopify Scripts, search the Shopify app store and ask in Shopify forums for a third-party app that handles Ship by or Delivery dates. When you find an app that you think will do the job, contact the app developer and ask if they append a "Ship Date" "note attribute to orders."

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