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How to customize shipping labels
How to customize shipping labels
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When performing a shipment SKULabs communicates directly with the shipping carrier about the details of the shipment, and in return, the carrier provides the shipping label. SKULabs has limited design control because the generated label is actually produced within the carrier system.

However, there are options for replacing variables within the shipping label to display per your needs. Visit your settings > shipping tab > reference field templates page to get started.
​Replacement Variables

  • ORDER_NUMBER - Order number

  • NOTES - Order notes

  • STORE_NAME - Store name

  • USERNAME - Username from eBay and other channels.

  • EXTERNAL_ORDER_ID - Order ID from external source

  • RESIDENT_ID - Customer resident ID (for China destination orders)

  • SKUS - List of SKUs and quantities based on SKU links

  • LISTING_IDS - List of listing IDs and quantities. e.g. 5x 612940b74b

  • LINE_SKUS - List of listing SKU and quantities. e.g. 5x ABC-245-RD

  • EBAY_USERNAME (Legacy)

  • BATCH_NUMBER - The batch number used to stage the order for shipment.

  • BIN_NUMBER - In batches, the batch bin number is used to stage the order for shipment.

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