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What is the Remote Store integration?
What is the Remote Store integration?

Learn about a remote store.

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What is a "remote store"?

A remote store is a source of orders and listings in the form of JSON/CSV files hosted at a location of your desire.

Remote store file formats

The JSON/CSV files must follow the format as specified in the following articles:

Connect a new remote store

Remote stores can be connected to SKULabs by following these steps:

  1. Click on Add store

  2. Click on Other, then select Remote store

  3. Complete the form and click on Save & Continue.

Mark as shipped (Shipment Notifications)

SKULabs POSTs a mark as shipped request in SKULabs format to POST {transport_type}://{hostname}/{mark_as_shipped_location}
Basic JSON format, note there is much more available:
{ order_number: String, order_id: String, tracking_number: String, tracking_url: String, carrier: String, items: [{ line_id: String, sku: String, listing_id: String, variant_id: String, quantity: Number }]]

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