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Fraudulent Orders: How can I alert my carrier to intercept a package?
Fraudulent Orders: How can I alert my carrier to intercept a package?

In cases such as fraud or other similar situations, it might necessitate action to have your carrier intercept or stop delivery.

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There might be times when you were subject to a fraudulent order or made a shipping mistake in which you will need to intercept your package or put a delivery hold on the shipment. It is always best to reach out to your carrier's representative to get further guidance and to explain the situation at hand.

USPS Package Intercept

If you need to intercept a package you’ve sent via USPS, you can use the USPS Package Intercept service. This service allows you to stop a package before it's delivered and redirect it to a new address or have it held at a post office.

  • Go to the USPS Package Intercept page: USPS Package Intercept

  • Log in to your USPS account or sign up if you don’t have one.

  • Enter the package tracking number and follow the prompts to initiate the intercept.

FedEx Delivery Manager

For packages sent through FedEx, you can use FedEx Delivery Manager to reroute or reschedule delivery of your package.

  • Visit the FedEx Delivery Manager page: FedEx Delivery Manager

  • Sign in to your FedEx account, or create one if necessary.

  • Use the tracking number to find your package and select “Manage Delivery” to see your options.

  • For help with FedEx Ground® packages or other packages that weren’t shipped via FedEx Express, contact customer support.

UPS My Choice

With UPS My Choice, you have the option to change the delivery for packages you’re sending or receiving before the first delivery attempt.

  • Navigate to the UPS My Choice page: UPS My Choice

  • Log in to your account, or register for a new one.

  • Enter your tracking number and choose the “Change Delivery” option to proceed with the intercept.

  • UPS recommended steps can be found here

Please note that intercepting packages may incur additional fees and is subject to certain conditions such as package size, weight, and service type. Always check the carrier’s website for the most current information and terms of service. For Carriers not covered here, please reach out to your representative for further instructions.

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