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Can I ship orders to a PO Box using non-USPS carriers?
Can I ship orders to a PO Box using non-USPS carriers?

Why won't other carriers rates appear for a P.O. box address?

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Packages sent through UPS, FedEx, DHL, or other carriers will most likely be rejected when shipped to a USPS PO Box. This can cause delays in delivery, cancellations, bad reviews, and ultimately more headaches for you and your customers.

Fortunately, in cases where an order's address is detected to be a PO Box, your carriers and shipping providers will automatically restrict the services offered to just the USPS and last-mile USPS services like SmartPost and SurePost.

How do I ship to a non-postal-service box using UPS / FedEx / DHL?

Notice: The Post Office will REJECT UPS/FedEx/DHL deliveries to Post Office Boxes.

DO NOT use this method to circumvent USPS Post Office Box (PO Box) restrictions.

Contact the buyer and confirm the shipping address is not a Post Office Box then correct the address in SKULabs to use "PMB" instead or simply treat the mailbox number like an apartment number using a "#" symbol followed by the number on address line 2.
John Doe
123 Main St.
Cityville, NY 10001

You may benefit from reminding your customers of the distinction between a "Private Mail Box" and a "Post Office Box" to avoid further confusion about what restrictions a P.O. Box indicates.
Please see UPS personal mailbox rental address guidance for further information.

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