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Printing manual fulfillment labels
Printing manual fulfillment labels
Manual pickup labels, self-delivery, grocery pickup, and other self-fulfillment options.
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After a user enables the "Print manual pickup labels" option in their Profile settings (Click your name in the top right, then click profile), SKULabs can print labels for pickup/self-delivery purposes.

This "Manual Pickup Label" is printed when the "Manual - Pickup" shipping method is chosen in the shipping process. This can be automated by Store shipping defaults (click settings, click your store, then click shipping defaults) or by shipping rules (click settings, click shipping, click rules).

By request, SKULabs can customize your manual pickup label to include the address and other details about the order. By default it includes a basic set of order information and comes out on a standard 4x6 label like any other shipping label in SKULabs.

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