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Improving your local pickup experience
Improving your local pickup experience

Shopify Local Pickup, BigCommerce Local Pickup

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November 2020 SKULabs made updates to improve your local pickup experience.

  • There are two new dedicated local pickup and local picked up options when packing orders.

  • For supported channels, we've added notes or indications on the fulfillment status that an order is ready for pickup or picked up based on the shipping option chosen during packing.

  • With configuration you can print local pickup labels with order numbers, barcodes, and names to make pickups easier to identify and process.

Important Note about Shopify Local Pickup

Shopify introduced local pickup beta in 2020. They do not intend on extending API support to send ready for pickup emails from software like SKULabs.

In light of this, you may find your best option is to edit your Shipment Confirmation email template in Shopify to be more mindful of the variety of Shipment Confirmations (including Ready for Pickup) that may be sent when you finish packing a pickup order on SKULabs.

Here's some advice from Shopify:

Customize your emails
Nice work—you’re almost ready to go! Let’s configure the emails your customers will receive from you after they complete their order.

To begin, make your way to Settings and select Notification emails > Order confirmation. A default email exists that customers will receive when they place their order. You can tweak this to add a personal message or other helpful information [about pickup options]

Now, go back to the notifications list to edit another email template called Shipping confirmation. This is the email you’ll send customers when their order is ready[ for pickup or when it's shipped.]

Future updates will arrive in SKULabs on ticket 4184 to allow you to use SKULabs to send pickup notifications directly from SKULabs circumventing the somewhat mistaken email notifications from Shopify. Contact support to add your voice to this ticket and be notified when it goes live.

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