The Shipments > Manifests tab is where you can create and print end-of-day manifests for shipping carriers that require them. A Shipping Manifest acts as a confirmation acceptance notice for some carriers, such as the US Postal Service.

Actions > Print manifests: Print out selected manifests to provide them to shipping carrier personnel.

Create manifest: Quickly create a new shipping manifest for all of the recently shipped orders for a store and shipping carrier.

Search: Search for manifests by shipping carrier, date of creation, and more.

Manifests Table

Your shipping manifests are laid out in a table. This table can be sorted by any of its columns. The columns available include:

  • Manifest #: The automatically generated number that refers to the individual manifest.
  • Carrier: The name of the shipping carrier that the manifest was created for.
  • Date: The date and time that the manifest was created.
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