On your shipments page, the manifests tab is where you can create and print end-of-day manifests for supported carriers.

What is a manifest?

A shipping manifest for some carriers is the point at which you actually make payment for any labels you generated throughout the day and it also serves as a single barcode your driver can scan to confirm acceptance of all of the packages you've prepared.

Are manifests required?

For some carriers such as Australia Post and Canada Post, manifests are required. Canada Post will refuse to accept un-manifested packages while Australia Post will charge AU$45 per package fees for accepted but un-manifested packages.

For the USPS however, manifests are not required and in rare cases are unable to be generated due to new USPS regulations forbidding shipments created on prior days from being manifested late. Your driver must accept your packages regardless of there being a manifest available.

For UPS, the labels generated by SKULabs and any other modern shipping software are "pre-scanned and pre-paid" and it is impossible to generate a UPS end-of-day report for these packages. Our UPS partner manager will be interested to speak with driver or manager who is not up to date with this fact and tries to convince you otherwise.

For FedEx, the labels generated by SKULabs and any other modern shipping software are transmitted electronically and do not require a manifest.

Amazon Buy Shipping does not generate manifests for USPS through the BuyShipping API so you will need to open seller central and see if your account has the feature to generate your SCANForm.

How to start making manifests

Before your driver arrives, stop shipping for that carrier and click "Create Manifest" to create a manifest for the day for that carrier.

It can take anywhere from 30 seconds to over 30 minutes to generate a manifest depending on the time of day you're generating your manifest and the carrier involved. You are not waiting on SKULabs for this process to complete, you are waiting on your carrier.

How can I keep shipping for tomorrow after I print my manifests?

This is called a shipping cut-off time. You will want to configure this in SKULabs and reserve any packages printed after this cutoff for tomorrow. Do not hand your driver packages you printed after the cutoff time even if your driver is late.

See our article on how to future date your orders with a cutoff time.

I forgot to manifest my shipments, can I manifest them still?

For many carriers you can generate a back-dated manifest covering the shipments from that day. For others such as the USPS and Royal Mail this is impossible and there is no way to generate a retroactive manifest. Future date your shipments to avoid this issue if you planned on shipping these packages at a later date.

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