To expedite the order fulfillment process, SKULabs can automatically fill in customs information during international shipping. For this to take effect, items will need the following Custom Fields added:

  • Description: The description of goods per item.

  • Origin: Where the item was made, specified in a two-letter country code format (e.g. US).

  • Tariff: The harmonized tariff code (e.g. 6205.20.3000 for a men's cotton T-shirt).

Adding customs information to items

There are two ways to add customs information to items:

1. Per individual item

Edit an individual item's custom fields from your SKULabs catalog.

  • Open an item

  • Click the Edit button on the upper right of item's detail page

  • In the window that appears, select Add custom field

Enter values for the "Field" and "Value" columns:

2. Import in bulk via CSV

From the imports/exports page, upload an Item custom fields import CSV. See the following example for how custom fields should be structured via CSV:

How to remove customs information from items

If for any reason you need to remove existing customs fields from an item, you can either use the delete icons in the Custom fields section when editing an item's details or use an import for bulk changes:

Import an Item custom fields import CSV with the word "REMOVE" in the "value" column for that SKU's fields.

Note: If an item does not have any customs fields yet, this will add entries. A simple reimport of the same CSV will remove them.

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