Auditing Shipping Costs
Updated over a week ago

By default, SKULabs offers the ability to select the least expensive method during shipment. However, SKULabs also features an easy to use shipping audit tool which checks the postage paid on recent shipments and can help ensure you're using the most cost-effective shipping methods or identify any potential savings.

How to perform a shipping audit in SKULabs

  1. Go to the Shipments page and click the "Audit Tab."

  2. Set your date range and use the Filter button to set the store, manifest state, transit status, carrier accounts, and expand all shipments.

  3. Next, click the "audit" button at the top.

  4. Expand an order using the + icon at the right and you'll see shipments highlighted in green for the best confirmed deal, while those highlighted in red may have been shipped using a costlier method than needed.

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