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Hazmat shipping on SKULabs
Hazmat shipping on SKULabs
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Shipping hazardous materials or dangerous goods can be daunting but we're here to help.

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Starting July 1st, just using physical stickers on USPS packages will not be compliant. All HAZMAT packages must be separated from all other packages and presented in a container marked "HAZMAT", labels must show the "H" symbol in the top left of the label and data must be submitted electronically using the strategies below:

Most of our options surround identifying hazmat items and creating shipping rules which are used to automate changes to the interface and shipping options.

  1. Use the item tags import on the imports/exports page to tag all items that may be hazmat. This will help to apply shipping rules to tag orders automatically along with the Hazmat type to isolate them.

  2. Use shipping rules to "Set hazmat" with the "-" option to let your packers manually select how to classify each package like you might have been doing in your previous desktop shipping software.

  3. If you only ship one class of hazardous materials, shipping hazmat can be as easy as tagging an item! Set up a tag for your hazardous material then use shipping rules to automatically select a specific hazmat classification based on your tags. Use "item tag" criteria and "set hazmat" action to set this up. See our guide on how to setup shipping rules or contact support for more assistance.

  4. If you ship multiple classes of hazmat in the same packages, contact support for more advanced configuration assistance like "ships separately", packaging memorization, automatic order holds, and separate processing pipelines to prevent mistakes.

  5. Use shipping rules to "Set Dry Ice" and other dry ice options. See our dedicated article: how to set up dry ice shipping

  6. Make use of shipping audits to view costs and alternative methods for any shipments created and review/prevent any hazardous shipments going on a different method.

Publications, notices, and guides

These documents contain mandatory information you're required to understand and have agreed to follow in association with your contracts with each carrier. If you have doubts about the information in these documents, please contact support and we can get your representative or our partner manager involved to help you avoid an incident.

Contact SKULabs support or your carrier account manager for more information.

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