SKULabs allows you to provide the dry ice weight to shipping carriers. To enable sending dry ice weight, create a shipping rule as follows.

First, configure filters as needed to target orders based on a set of criteria.

Under Action, select "Set dry ice weight" and provide a default dry ice weight, which will be auto-populated on ship window dry ice weight section.

Once you've set up this rule, you're ready to continue creating shipments as usual. For shipments the above rule applies to, you will see a section with auto-populated default "Dry Ice Weight" fields on the ship modal. If the dry ice weight is different from the default dry ice weight, enter the correct dry ice weight for the shipment.

UN1845 sticker requirement

Note that the UN1845 label is required on the package according to federal hazardous material transportation requirements. Here is where you can find additional information on shipping dry ice.

If you have any questions, please contact SKULabs support for assistance.

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