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How to set dry ice weight to shipments
How to set dry ice weight to shipments
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Dry ice can sometimes be used without restriction with certain carriers as long as surface shipping methods are used and the package is clearly marked for ground transit only.

For other carriers, you may need to specify the exact weight of dry ice.

USPS Dry Ice

A shipper’s declaration and a Class 9 DOT warning label are not required for dry ice sent via domestic surface mail. But, you will need to appropriately package and label the package. See the link for more details.

EasyPost Dry Ice Weight

SKULabs allows you to provide the dry ice weight to shipping carriers connected through EasyPost. Create a shipping rule using the "Set dry ice weight" option and provide a default dry ice weight, which will be auto-populated on ship window dry ice weight section.

UN1845 sticker requirement

Note that the UN1845 label is required on the package according to federal hazardous material transportation requirements.

Publications and documentation

Here is where you can find additional information on shipping dry ice.

If you have any questions, please contact SKULabs support and we can get you in touch with our partner managers and carrier representatives for further help.

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