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Does SKULabs offer pay-on-use return labels?
Does SKULabs offer pay-on-use return labels?

Making the most of pay on use return labels

Updated over a week ago

Yes! SKULabs makes returns easy for everyone by offering a variety of options from FedEx, UPS, to USPS for scan-based, post-paid, and pay-on-use return labels. You can even use rules to automatically print return labels as you ship.

For USPS: Do you receive more than 10,000 return packages a year? If so, you can use our recommended provider EasyPost. Otherwise, you can use Shippo and get in touch with them about activating the feature.

For UPS/FedEx: It's as easy as creating a shipping rule and our team is happy to help, just reach out through our in-app chat or by emailing [email protected]!

Scan-based labels are valid for 365 days after they are generated, and the weight on the label is the same as your outbound shipment, so you would be charged accordingly.

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