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DHL Paket and DHL Parcel merged into DHL eCommerce Solutions
DHL Paket and DHL Parcel merged into DHL eCommerce Solutions

Understand what changes on your daily shipping process with DHL from now on

Updated over a week ago

Unfortunately, we just received a notice as of August/2023 that DHL is deprecating DHL Paket and DHL Parcel, as DHL is sunsetting their V2 APIs, which included the APis for these services on their end.

If you are used to using DHL Paket or/and DHL Parcel within SKULabs through EasyPost. You will need to think about adding DHL eCommerce Solutions. They merged DHL Paket and DHL Parcel to DHL eCommerce Solution.

What is DHL eCommerce Solutions?

DHL eCommerce Solutions focuses specifically on providing a range of e-commerce logistics and delivery services tailored to the needs of online retailers and e-commerce businesses. These services are designed to facilitate the efficient and reliable delivery of goods ordered online, catering to the rapidly growing e-commerce industry.

You can see more about it here:

What services are included in DHL eCommerce Solutions?

  • Parcel Expedited

  • Parcel Expedited Max

  • Parcel Ground

  • BPM Expedited

  • BPM Ground

  • Parcel International Direct

  • ParcelInternational Standard

  • Packet International

  • Parcel International Direct Priority

  • Parcel International Direct Standard

How to add DHL eCommerce Solution as my carrier on SKULabs?

Go to Settings > Shipping > Carriers Accounts > Add carrier > Click others. Choose DHL eCommerce Solutions and follow the steps.

Once is added, make sure to have all the stores you like to use with this integration.

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