SKULabs allows users to update item details in bulk through the use of the simple but powerful Item Details Import function. This function can be used to import item details for new items or update and replace existing items details.

To use this feature, we'll be creating and editing an item details CSV file, then uploading it on the Import/Export page.

Updating item details

To update or replace item details in SKULabs, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Export your current data to a backup CSV file using the Item Details Export function.
  2. Save a copy of this newly exported CSV file then edit to include the column headers and data as needed.
  3. Re-Import the edited CSV file back into SKULabs.

1. Exporting your current data using the item detail export function

Start by creating a backup CSV file of your Item details.

This serves two purposes:

  • The Item Detail Export CSV is compatible for use as the Item Detail Import CSV, making the editing process much faster than working from scratch.
  • Having a backup of your item data saves you time and stress when restoring data if any mistakes happen along the way.

Tip: If you're looking to start fresh with a basic Item Details CSV, you can also download this one, just be mindful to only include the columns you intend to change:

2. Editing your CSV file 

Once you've got your CSV template to work with (making sure to create a copy for safe-keeping), replace the desired data with your updated values under their respective columns and save it.

Tip: Only use the columns you intend to add or edit to avoid the unwanted replacement of any details or values.

3. Importing your updated item details CSV

Head back over to the Import/Export page and click on the Item details button under the Imports column.

From here, upload your edited CSV file with the Upload CSV file button. 

Tip: Double check that any adjustments you've made are accurate after completing the import process. You can do this from the Inventory page.

Okay, you're done! If you have any further questions about importing item details in bulk, feel free to start an in-app chat with us!

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