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What is a "customer facing" note type?
What is a "customer facing" note type?

Learn what customer facing notes are and how to use them.

Updated over a week ago

Customer facing note is a type of note added in SKULabs that could be printed, per store template setting, on customer facing documents -- packing slips and invoices.

In general, SKULabs allows you to print 3 types of notes on packing slips and invoices.

  • NOTES: Notes provided by customer when placing an order

  • CHANNEL_INTERNAL_NOTES: Internal staff notes imported from the sale channel (Shopify)

  • SKULABS_CUSTOMER_FACING_NOTES: Notes added in SKULabs as customer facing notes

The first two types of notes are imported from sales channels. Before enabling printing any kind of notes imported from channels, communicate with your team to add notes using appropriate language and avoid including sensitive/private information like secret coupon codes.

The third type of note is added in SKULabs. When adding Notes in SKULabs, you have the option to specify the "type" of note whether it is internal (private) or customer facing (printable on packing slips and invoices).

Based on template configurations, you could print any of these notes on packing slips and invoices. Here is where you can find detailed information on how to customize templates.

If you require assistance with customizing templates, please contact the SKULabs support team.


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