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πŸ†• Explore Our Latest Updates and Enhancements! 🌟
πŸ†• Explore Our Latest Updates and Enhancements! 🌟
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Submitting a feature request

We welcome your feedback. When you request a feature or report a bug you're automatically assigned to these development tickets and will be notified by our team when these changes are available.

Requests are reviewed based on volume of demand and urgency while also optimizing for similar batches of work. We can't provide estimates on which features will or won't be taken up or when they might be completed. Generally, most small changes take less than a month but new features or adjustments to sync can occasionally be rolled out within hours.

How often is SKULabs updated?

Our main platform is updated about once a month with stable changes from We'll release changes about 1-2 times per week on average to our preview platform where you can run on the very latest version of SKULabs.



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