SKULabs is proud to offer flexibility for those who wish to postpone receiving updates or those who wish to receive the latest updates especially in the case where you may need the latest changes to an integration you depend on.

After careful planning we're now able to offer three separate versions of SKULabs so you can decide how you want to receive updates.

Preview/Next - This environment is our latest release of SKULabs. Typically released 1-2 times per week, this will allow you to preview the latest changes and gain access to customizations or updates to integrations we're not ready to deploy to the masses.

Current - The default and recommended version of SKULabs. Updates roughly once a month but may be delayed during holiday code freezes. Only updated once all changes have been well-validated by both our team and users on the preview environment.

Previous - An older version of SKULabs typically released once every 2-4 months. This version can provide more stability if you're looking for less frequent updates or allow you to revert to an older version of SKULabs unaffected by recent improvements you may have found to be incompatible with your operations. Our team will reach out to discuss with you when updates to the previous environment will go live.

You can change which version of SKULabs on each user in your account, open the user profile page, click profile settings, then modify the "Software Version".


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