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EDI: How to get your orders into SKULabs
EDI: How to get your orders into SKULabs

Route orders and information to SKULabs API using Electronic Data Interchange

Updated over a week ago

Are you looking to supply inventory through purchase orders, or ship inventory as a drop-shipper to a major marketplace or big box store?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a method used to exchange documents and data across different companies electronically. While EDI offers a streamlined way to handle large volumes of orders, it requires certification and can at times be costly to implement.

To integrate your EDI orders, from one of the major marketplaces or big box stores into SKULabs, here is a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose an EDI Partner: Our recommended EDI partner is FLXPoint, which specializes in routing your orders directly into SKULabs. Visit FLXPoint to learn more about their services.

  2. Explore Other EDI Providers: There are several EDI partners available. It’s worth exploring others to find the best fit for your business needs. Check if they offer integration with SKULabs.

  3. SKULabs API Access: To connect your chosen EDI partner to SKULabs, you'll need API access. We offer discounts to facilitate this connection with FLXPoint, making it more cost-effective for your business.

  4. Contact SKULabs Support: For assistance with setting up API access or to learn more about the discount, reach out to SKULabs support. We can help to provide guidance on the integration process.

  5. Set Up Integration: Once you have API access, follow the instructions provided by your EDI partner to set up the routing of orders into SKULabs.

By integrating EDI with SKULabs, you can automate the order processing, reduce manual data entry, and improve accuracy in your fulfillment operations.

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