The Utility tab is where you can print barcode labels for various fulfillment functions, such as placing an order on hold or skipping the requested scan. The first panel on the tab will show the printing tasks you've queued (and the quantity of labels for each task), as well as settings for the barcode and label templates. The second panel will show a table of the utility barcodes available. You can add a barcode to the list of printing tasks by toggling the checkbox on that utility function's row.

Utility Printing Table

The utility functions available are laid out in a table, and include:

  • Hold: Scanning this will put the current order on hold and move on to the next order.
  • Restart: Scanning this will restart the picking process of the order or batch.
  • Out of stock: Scanning this will mark the current item at the current location out of stock.
  • Skip: Scanning this will mark the current scan as correct.
  • Next: Scanning this will mark the current item as fully picked.
  • Force: Scanning this will mark the current order as cleared.
  • Reconcile: Scanning this will open a window that will allow you to quickly perform inventory reconcilation on the current item.
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