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Why is my Etsy store sync always delayed?
Why is my Etsy store sync always delayed?

Etsy sync delays over an hour are healthy for your store

Updated over a week ago

Etsy automated order and stock sync only runs once an hour on SKULabs.
Etsy strictly limits developers to a small number of API requests per day. We can only effectively auto-synchronize your orders and inventory every 60 minutes without risking Etsy-enforced delays of 12+ hours before being able to resume talking with your store again.

If you're concerned about overselling within this hour time frame you can hold additional reserves of inventory using our inventory rules.

If you need your orders in a hurry, just click the refresh button next to your Etsy order sync and we'll have them in just a few minutes for you. Don't over-utilize this manual sync functionality on an Etsy store.

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