When using Stamps.com, you may encounter one of the following errors:

Create Label Error: Value of customs line item must be a positive numeric value 99999.99 or less

Create Label Error: Total value of customs line items cannot exceed declared value.

When creating a shipment that requires customs declaration with Stamps.com:

  1. The line items entered on the customs form require a positive numeric value. See How to complete the customs form.

  2. The total value of items declared on the customs form cannot be more than the order's total value.

Note: If you are shipping to an overseas US military base, customs information is also required according to Stamps guidelines.

How to resolve?

The first step to resolve is to check if the order's total value is greater than $0.00. Next, check if the total value for customs line items is greater than the order's total amount.

If so, you can edit the order on your channel or within SKULabs to set a positive total value and/or adjust the customs form values accordingly.

What about free replacement orders?

Normally, the total value of customs line items is often less or equal to the order's total amount. In the case of a replacement or return/exchange order, it is common for the order's total value to be discounted in full, leaving you with an order total of $0.00. If the shipment does not require customs, then you're all set.

However, if the discounted requires customs, and your customs items' values aren't adjusted accordingly, you may encounter this error and will need to edit the order according to the above parameters.

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