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How to import line item customizations into SKULabs from my sales channel?
How to import line item customizations into SKULabs from my sales channel?

Importing extra information about a line item

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Some sales channels allow customers to specific specific customizations or instructions for line items they add to their carts upon checkout. This is often referred to as line item customizations and is controlled by your sales channel directly.

Often, this is used for differentiating aspects of items you may not necessarily track stock in, such as grade or quality.

When provided by your sales channel, SKULabs can import this data to show during the picking process and typically appears as a "Customization" in red text beneath the line item:

By default, most sales channels like Shopify support line item customizations as long as they are present on the order in the channel itself. In Shopify's case, these are called "line item properties".



To import order line-items with the correct customization metadata from BigCommerce:

1. Navigate to the Customizations section of the product page on BigCommerce, and copy the "option name" found in the "Modifier Options" section. This could also be called the "display names" of the product's optional option sets.

2. Visit your store's settings, and scroll to the Access credentials & integration settings panel, and enter the "option name" from BigCommerce (e.g. "Engraving", or "Subscribe and Save 25% On Every Auto Ship Order") under the "Customization Option Names" section.

Note: Provide the "option name" of the modifier options, NOT the actual "values" of the modifier option (e.g. "medium").

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