SKULabs supports generating FedEx customs documents with letterhead and signature.

1. If you haven't already, connect FedEx to SKULabs via EasyPost

2. Contact SKULabs support and request for a carrier ID

3. Prepare letterhead and signature ".png" files to upload and name them as "letterhead.png" and "signature.png." FedEx has limited the image size to 700 pixels wide by 50 pixels tall. You can upload up to 5 images.

4. Email [email protected] with the following format:

Carrier Account: ca_123xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx321
IMAGE_1 - letterhead - letterhead.png
IMAGE_2 - signature - signature.png
IMAGE_3 -..........same as above, but optional
IMAGE_4 -..........same as above, but optional
IMAGE_5 -..........same as above, but optional

EasyPost can upload up to 5 images. When uploading images we recommend uploading at least one letterhead and one signature. There are different requirements by FedEx depending on the country. When the images are uploaded in EasyPost, they are assigned the value of IMAGE_1, IMAGE_2, IMAGE_3, IMAGE_4, and IMAGE_5. Easypost asks which image you would like loaded to which slot/image. For example one user may request the letterhead is uploaded to IMAGE_1 and the signature is uploaded to IMAGE_2, while another user may request the signature is uploaded to IMAGE_1 and the letterhead is uploaded to IMAGE_2. Please be sure to clarify which image you want uploaded to which slot/IMAGE_X.

5. From SKULabs Carrier Accounts page, find the FedEx account and click on edit. On the screen that appears, select which image codes for letterhead and signature.

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