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FedEx Commercial Invoice with Letterhead and Signature
FedEx Commercial Invoice with Letterhead and Signature
Updated over a week ago

SKULabs supports generating FedEx customs documents with letterhead and signature.

  1. If you haven't already, connect FedEx to SKULabs via EasyPost

  2. Contact SKULabs support and request for a carrier ID

  3. Prepare letterhead and signature PNG files "letterhead.png" and "signature.png" with maximum dimensions 700px wide by 50px tall.

  4. Email [email protected] with the instructions below.

  5. After your images are uploaded, configure your carrier account in SKULabs to use these images on the Carrier Accounts page. Edit your FedEx account and select your letterhead and signature IMAGE_X numbers as you delivered them to EasyPost.

How to contact EasyPost about your letterhead images

Use the following template:

Carrier Account: ca_123xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx321
IMAGE_1 - letterhead - letterhead.png
IMAGE_2 - signature - signature.png

  • EasyPost can upload up to 5 images (IMAGE_1 through IMAGE_5) that should be max 700x50px in PNG format.

  • We recommend you send EasyPost one letterhead and one signature but you may have different requirements for different countries.

  • Be sure to specify *which* image you want to be IMAGE_1 through IMAGE_5 to make configuration easier.

Still having issues? Disable ETD

Certain destinations do not have support for either COMMERCIAL_INVOICE or ETD altogether. For these destinations you may need to pass the option "suppress_etd" to disable ETD. After receiving an error, you may find the suppress_etd option visible but you can automate this using a shipping rule.
When you disable ETD, this means you need to manually attach all applicable customs forms and commercial invoices to the package.

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