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Electronic customs documents for FedEx international shipment
Electronic customs documents for FedEx international shipment
Updated over a week ago

For international FedEx shipments, SKULabs requests FedEx API to submit customs information using electronic trade document (ETD). FedEx applies ETD for qualifying shipments and destination countries that accept electronic transfer of customs documents.

FedEx API returns two documents for international shipments -- a shipping label and a copy of Commercial Invoice document. When ETD is successfully applied, the shipping label includes ETD mark.

When the ETD mark isn't printed on a label, you need to print and include the Commercial Invoice generated by FedEx from SKULabs. To print a Commercial Invoice generated by FedEx, follow these steps:

  • Open the order

  • Scroll down to the Shipments section

  • Click on the magnifying glass icon to view shipment details

  • Click on the Commercial Invoice PDF link to open the PDF document

  • Print

If you have additional questions, please contact SKULabs support.

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